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International Church of Bangkok

Advancing the Work of Jesus!

Welcome to our weekly newsletter

Covid 19 measures for ICB
While the Thai government has relaxed some restrictions in the dark red zones (incl. Bangkok), it has not yet permitted Churches to meet in-person.
We will continue Zoom-only services during October and pray that conditions will become safer by early November.

October’s Outreach Partner

Rahab Ministries
Women’s rehabilitation project for workers
in the red-light districts of Bangkok
To find out more and how you can help, please go to our Outreach section towards the end of this newsletter

 Let’s Join together this Sunday! 

17th October 2021

10 am. via Zoom

On-line ONLY

Stay at Home and Please Join us on ZOOM!

(computer, tablet or smartphone)

Due to COVID19 health measures, our worship service will NOT be in-person this Sunday

Wherever you are in the world, please join us online using the Zoom application or
  this link via your browser:…
(tick “Always allow https://us02web…. to open Zoom”)
Meeting ID: 852 6940 1114
Passcode: 249320
Please also see “Online Notes” below

Online Notes
about ICB worship on Zoom:
Please come on time and allow a minute or two to connect.
You will be muted” upon entering the zoom room with the musical prelude on. Please stay muted during the service.
Pastor Chee suggests, “while you listen to the prelude, please pray for the service to run smoothly for God’s glory.  There’s plenty of time to chit chat in the break out rooms after the service.”
This Sunday’s Sermon
is delivered live on Zoom by our minister,
Revd. Chee Keong Yong
Revd. Chee’s sermon theme is entitled:
“The Greatest and First
– in service to others”

Our Scripture Readings are:
Epistle: Hebrews 4:14-16*
Gospel: Mark 10:3545* (*click for online Bible)

Pastor Chee’s notes:

Here, we go again – another argument of wanting to sit in the highest place of being next to Jesus. Another gospel writer even has the mother of James and John making an appeal to have her sons seated next to Jesus (Matthew 20:20-28). Surely, Jesus would not ignore the appeal of a mother?

Would you like to be seated next to Jesus? Anyone? Who would like to be seated next to Jesus? Come on people, be honest.

These are the chosen disciples of Jesus who are supposed to reach out to the world with the gospel message. Here, they are arguing for positions. Have you ever heard of that? Yes, in church all the time. What? Preposterous. You are joking! No way!

Certainly, not church people? They know better. Well, you would have thought that the disciples would have known better too. After all, they journeyed with Jesus for three years and had been so close to the Son of God.

Don’t get me started talking about church people. They all want to have the best positions. Some church members even have reserved seats in the church. Apparently, their ancestors paid for the seats, so no one else can take those reserved seats. No. You don’t say! Surely not?

By the way, in case you missed this – the arguments among those disciples and later apostles did not stop. They were never a united bunch of people. So Jesus chose a bunch of guys to undertake a mission of reaching the world with the good news. Yep. For example, Paul and Barnabas parted ways (Acts 15:36-41) owing to a disagreement between them about John Mark. We can never have a unified church on earth before we do mission. Church mission is not dependent on church unity – that’s why Jesus continuously prayed for church unity. It will never come on this side of life. We all want the choicest seats.

Come join us this Sunday on Zoom at 10.00am for our worship service. I may not be able to guarantee you a seat next to Jesus but you may sit in your favourite lounge seat to worship the King of kings. By the way, you may want to consider allowing Him to have the seat since you will be in the company of royalty.



Please scroll down below for notices about Sunday school in October, making connections in Hanoi, ongoing on-line events on weekday evenings as well as this month’s Outreach Partner: Rahab Ministries.

ICB Sunday School Facebook Page!!

(copy this URL into your browser)
October 17th lesson is shown below:
ICB is a fully self-supported congregation.
We gladly receive your donations.
KBank a/c 003-1-09408-9
More information on the ICB Website

Thank you!

from our Minister

Last Chance!   TONIGHT only!!! 
Exploring the Holy Land with a Messianic Jew

This (Friday) evening (15 Oct) is the final episode
Even if you missed the rest of the series, make sure you get to see this one!    All are welcome
The Zoom link is:
Meeting ID: 870 8145 9925    Passcode: 164138
web reference:
Jerusalem – Holy City of Salem and Truth  
Visit many of the biblical sites during our virtual tour of
the Holy Land – guided by our minister, Revd. Chee.

In-person services are being prepared for when regulations allow …….

We are hoping that Sunday morning in-person worship services can resume in early November. Please keep a lookout on email, ICB website, Facebook or Line (morning service group) for further announcements about when in-person will start.  For October, we will continue on Zoom, only.
We plan also to try to continue live streaming on Zoom even when we can meet in-person again.
Please pray and bear with us as we go forward in what is continued uncertainty; but we will not go ahead with in-person gatherings until we consider it is safe.


We are excited to find out where God’s path leads us to!
We have only recently started on our road to planning a future for ICB, which hopefully extends outside our membership zone to those in our community and city who need our help to help themselves based on how Jesus lived His life on Earth.
More details on how we are progressing and what the next steps may be will appear in future newsletters – so watch this space!!
Love Bangkok?
Nine ICB members led by Pastor Chee had a fascinating 90 minute Zoom meeting earlier this month with Jacob Bloemberg, pastor of Hanoi International Fellowship (HIF) and author of the book “Love (your city)” which several of us have been studying together over the past several weeks. Pastor Jacob gave us an illustrated slide presentation covering the main aspects of how HIF’s “Love Hanoi” mission had developed from virtual non-existence to an officially recognised faith-driven community-based movement in that city in just 10 years. He also explained “the 5 Ps”, steps he considers are vital for success, namely Principles, Posture, Process, Partner and People.
A lively Q & A session followed in which we learned more of Jacob’s experiences, the joys and the pitfalls, what works and where to begin, as well as how to build relationships with partners, identify needs of communities and become accepted by official authorities and society leaders.

We are so grateful for Pastor Jacob’s time, encouragement and support. We hope to meet him when he and his family can come in-person to Bangkok, possibly next year.

So, where does ICB move on and how can we make a real difference as we build Christ’s Kingdom in our city?
Those are questions for all of us and those involved in Outreach, in particular. If you would like to become involved or just learn more, you are most welcome to join us at this exciting time of discovery.
Initially, please contact Pastor Chee:
The Bible exhorts us all
Proverbs 29:18 –
“Where there is no vision, the people perish;..”
Acts 2:17 –
“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”
The International Church of Bangkok
partners with Christian ministries throughout Thailand to advance the work of Jesus.

5% of ICB’s yearly total income goes directly to the outreach partners. Members and friends are also encouraged to give directly.
Bank transfers are easy to do and very welcome
Please Donate NOW when it’s Most Needed!!
KasikornBank (KBank):  003-1-09408-9
Transfer your donation to the ICB Bank account above and please email your transfer confirmation with the message:
“For Outreach: month/year (or name of O/R partner)”

ICB’s Outreach Partner
for October 2021

RAHAB Ministries

Helping women trapped in prostitution to find a new life in Christ, offering them a future and a hope.
Many rural women coming to Bangkok looking for work end up in one of Bangkok’s ‘red-light’  districts, such as Soi Patpong (off Silom Rd) or Nana (off Sukhumvit Rd).  Through your support,  Rahab Ministries (named after a prostitute in the Bible*) is able to offer these migrants friendship, hope, and a way out of prostitution.         (*click here for a link to the story of Rahab in the Old Testament)

Rahab’s workers visit the beer bars regularly and the ministry runs a hair salon where the women can experience Rahab’s practical support in action. After the women leave the bars, Rahab gives them financial support and training in craft and jewellery making as well as hairdressing. Rahab also provides ‘safe’ housing for the women and for their children either in Bangkok or in Photharam, 100 Km. west of the city.

The Patpong scene in Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok. Rahab Ministries works in this area renowned for its night life. 
Rahab Ministries trains the women looking for a new way of life how to make crafts of various kinds, including dress jewellery and small stuffed toys, both of which are very popular items.
“We are always looking for new markets for these products which provides the women with an alternative income and helps further the work of our ministry.” 

Khun Phrai of RAHAB will join us to tell us more about their work next week, Sunday, 24th October

Find out more about our outreach partners

Missed a sermon?
Want to hear one again?

If you missed any of the recent sermons or would like to hear one or more again, recordings are available from Rev. Chee himself. Please let him know which Sunday(s) you are interested in and he will send you the link.
Send an email to:
Internati­onal Church of Bangkok (ICB)
Advancing the Work of Jesus!

ICB is an English language congregation, composed of native and non-native speakers.
We are committed to welcoming people of all backgrounds to Christian worship for a diverse, inclusive and unifying faith experience.
We seek to advance the work of Jesus Christ by promoting and supporting spiritual growth, community and service to others.

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