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International Church of Bangkok

Advancing the Work of Jesus!

Welcome to our weekly newsletter



Beginning Sunday, 5th March, we will resume holding our morning worship services at Bangkok Christian College on Sathorn Road. Please join us at 10:00am.

Epiphany 11 – LENT

Sunday, 19th March 
In Person Worship
Our Service is at
Bangkok Christian College

Sathorn Nua Road
(next to Surasak BTS station)

(It’s Easy to find Our venue location!)
BTS Surasak Exit 3 (Silom Line)

Google Maps ref:

The map here will help you find our  morning  worship service held at this location:      Scroll down for more details

We will join together

 this Sunday


19th March 2023

at 10.00 am

Bangkok Christian College


Our Sermon is delivered by our minister,
Revd. Chee Keong Yong
This week’s theme: “Through the eyes of God”

Scripture Readings for this week:
Old Testament: 1 Samuel 16:1-13*
Psalms: Psalm 23*
Book of Acts: Ephesians 5:8-14*

Gospel: John 9*
(*click for online Bible)
Pastor Chee introduces this week’s theme:


Ever wonder what God see in you and I? It is a simple question but one that is difficult to answer honestly. Someone with a huge ego may talk about all the qualifications one has. Others may look downward and offer no reply.

Our readings from the Gospel as well as the OT allow us to reflect on this question with a different perspective. We look at ourselves or each other through the eyes of God.

The Gospel gives us the incident about a man born blind. Someone came to Jesus with a question about the man’s blindness. Jesus offered a different perspective about how the man came to be blind. It was neither his own sin nor his parents. That was the general presumption. It was neither, according to Jesus. Jesus then proceeded to heal the man’s blindness quite uniquely. It is not something that you and I may want to try in order to see perfectly.

What was the lesson behind the way that healing came to the man? I wish all healing could be so simple and effective. It seemed rather crude but it did the trick. Jesus used mud made with his own saliva. Hmmm. Would you volunteer?

Speaking about volunteers, who would like to be king / queen? Come May, and the UK will witness the enthronement of King Charles. It will be with much splendour and glory. Someone in the OT got anointed to be king with much less pomp. The person chosen was the least preferred candidate. But God sees differently.

Do you want to see what God sees in you and I? “Mud” and the “least preferred”.

So never look down on yourself or anyone else for God sees people differently.

Join us this Sunday as we gather at the Bangkok Christian College for worship at 10.00 am.



Sunday School meets for young children during part of the worship time (see below)

ICB Choir: If you enjoy singing, you may join in by arriving about 45 minutes before the service for practice. All are welcome, even if you have little experience. We welcome new singers to take part!

Sunday School takes place
every Sunday at SCC
(morning service).

For more news, please keep an eye on the
ICB Sunday School Facebook Page

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Scroll up ^ to discover how
YOU can serve our church
in 2023!!

Please Join ICB Annual Meeting
THIS Sunday (Jan 29th)

Both Members and non-members welcome

Covid Care and How to Get to
ICB Morning Services

At our present location at
BCC Bangkok Christian College
35 Pramuan Rd, Silom,
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

A very short walk from BTS Surasak (Exit 3).
Click here for Google maps reference or follow the map near the top of this newsletter.

Please note the change of directions to the worship centre at BCC –

People coming on foot and / or BTS should use Exit 3 (BTS station) and enter by the side gate on Sathorn Road.

Those coming by cars are to use the gate on Soi Pramuan only. The gate on Sathorn road is inaccessible to cars.
Please remember the COVID Code:
As still recommended by the health authorities, all are advised to follow social distancing to keep others safe. We have members who have been infected lately and we do not wish others to be also infected. If you are not feeling well, please stay at home. Bottled water is available.

If you plan to come in your own car:
It is best to enter Soi Pramuan Road and enter through Gate 3. Make an immediate right turn and follow the path to the parking lot with the basketball hoops.

ICB Sunday Evening Worship at
Bangkok Christian Guesthouse (BCGH)
has been suspended until further notice.
Please contact Reverend Chee if you would be interested in having evening services restarted.

We, at ICB, support displaced individuals and families in Bangkok with regular financial support through Life Raft International.

We also offer congregational, emotional and spiritual assistance.
Who qualifies?
Those who have been granted (or are applying for) recognition as refugees by UNHCR.
Why do we need to help these people?
Ongoing support is needed to help them bridge the gap while they seek and wait for resettlement in another country, which most often takes many years.
UNHCR recognition very rarely means they can live and work freely in their country of asylum.

Read more about ICB’s partnership with Life Raft: click here
See more about the problem, and how
YOU can be part of the solution with Life Raft International: click-here
Donate to ICB Ministry to Displaced Persons:
KBank: 003-1-09408-9 mark MDP and email transfer slip to:
Thank You!!
ICB URGENTLY needs people like YOU!

Owing to several people leaving ICB and Thailand over the past months, the ICB Church Council is seeking people to fill the following positions as soon as possible:

  • Outreach – continuing contact with and support for our 8 social service partners
  • Worship – overseeing Church services
  • Fellowship – organising ICB community activities
  • Membership – welcoming new people to our church and maintaining contact with all members.
  • Personnel and Property – overseeing needs of our employees and facilities

None of these positions requires specialist skills nor a large amount of time.
All you need is the motivation to help us to develop our ICB community and outreach partners with Jesus as our guide.

To find out more, please contact
Cameron (Council Chair)              or Pastor Chee  

ICB – Caring for Displaced People through partnership Life Raft International 

An updated document relating to the above has now been uploaded to the Policies section of our website. The ICB Council has been working with Life Raft International for many years in seeking to relocate people to various countries for resettlement. The uploaded document gives clear parameters of our relationship with Life Raft International.

*Link: Church Policies

Fellowship is essential for the wellbeing of any true community – Now that we can all meet personally face-to-face, we need to resume regular social events together.
At ICB, we wish to develop new ways to extend Christian fellowship among all of us during 2023.
We invite you to help with your ideas for weekly and occasional fellowship activities.
Contact Pastor Chee:
The International Church of Bangkok
partners with Christian ministries throughout Thailand to advance the work of Jesus.

5% of ICB’s yearly total income goes directly to the outreach partners. Members and friends are also encouraged to give directly through the Church account.

In the first half of this year, a total of 78,000THB has been given to eight of our mission partners. Reports from three of them have been uploaded to our FB page – These are from Cornerstone Chapel Hatyai, Rahab Ministries Bangkok, and Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation Bangkok.

Find out more about our outreach partners

For further information, please contact Pastor Chee (
The ICB Outreach Committee welcomes new members to join our hardworking team to help ICB share the love of Jesus with Bangkok.
ICB is a fully self-supported congregation.
We gladly receive your donations.
KBank a/c 003-1-09408-9
More information on the ICB WebsiteThank you!
You can email the ICB office for a covenant form
Our minister, Pastor Chee, and members of the Church Council can be contacted as and when needed:
Internati­onal Church of Bangkok (ICB)

Advancing the Work of Jesus!

ICB is an English language congregation, composed of native and non-native speakers.
We are committed to welcoming people of all backgrounds to Christian worship for a diverse, inclusive and unifying faith experience.
We seek to advance the work of Jesus Christ by promoting and supporting spiritual growth, community and service to others.

ICB has a specific policy on “Diversity, Inclusiveness & Unity” recently adopted at our annual congregational meeting. You can download the file here (click).

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Rev. Chee Keong Yong:

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