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International Church of Bangkok

Advancing the Work of Jesus!

Welcome to our weekly newsletter

 We will join together again
both in-person & on Zoom
 this Sunday!! 


5th December 2021

at 10 am.

Simultaneously In-Person
at Bangkok Christian College (BCC)
and on Zoom

In-person worship at BCC

Our regular meeting place, Bangkok Christian College in Sathorn Nua Road (next to Surasak BTS station) has now reopened enabling us to meet and worship in-person again after 7 months.

Please read our attendance rules set out below

For those unable to attend worship in person, ICB will relay our service live
via Zoom (see details below)

Please note that for now there will not be an ICB evening service

During Advent, our Outreach is focusing on our Partner,

“Helping women trapped in prostitution to find a new
Christ, offering them a future and a hope.”

Please go to our Outreach section towards the end of this newsletter

Also this month, we are seeking donations for our Ministry to Displaced Persons programme to assist refugees and asylum seekers in Bangkok

Ten Attendance Procedures at ICB services
For your own safety and the safety of all others.
1. ICB and BCC expects that all attending will have already been vaccinated against Covid19. Please stay at home if you develop any flu-like symptoms
2. Everyone must wear a mask at all times (unless while drinking water). Wearing 2 masks is encouraged for extra safety. Please keep masks on while singing.
3. All attending are asked to sign the entrance register with names and contact details
4. On entering the sanctuary, please allow us to check your body temperature.
5. Seating will be arranged 1.5 metres apart. Parents and their children may be allowed to sit closer to each other but please understand if you are asked to sit differently.
6. Offerings will be collected in a bag. Please wait for usher to pass this around and do not pass it on to others.
7. In offering greetings and the peace to one another, please do not touch others in any way. Instead, you may wave or “wai” to everyone.
8. We regret that we cannot offer any refreshments other than plain water in plastic packs or bottles. No food will be provided.
9. If the sanctuary becomes full, ICB may regretfully need to prohibit more persons from entering.
10. During the current period, the ICB choir will not be performing. Other usual service activities may also be curtailed.

Most people will be familiar with these procedures which are both expected and well known. We thank you for strictly conforming to them all as they are fundamental for safety and enable us to to meet and Praise God together in person once more.

On-line Relay 

If you are unable to attend in person or prefer to stay at home, you may still Join us on ZOOM!

(computer, tablet or smartphone)

Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome to join us online using the Zoom application in the same way as we have been doing during the lockdown period

  this is the link via your browser:…
(tick “Always allow https://us02web…. to open Zoom”)
Or by using the Zoom App.
Meeting ID: 852 6940 1114
Passcode: 249320
Please also see notes below

About ICB worship on Zoom:
Please log-in on time and allow a minute or two to connect.
You will be muted” upon entering the zoom room.

Please stay muted during the service.

Please be patient as we try to overcome any glitches with our technical set-up at BCC. 

This Sunday’s Sermon
is delivered live on Zoom by our minister,
Revd. Chee Keong Yong
Revd. Chee’s sermon theme is entitled:
“Prepare the Way
Our Scripture Readings are:
Epistle: Philippians 1:3-11*
Gospel: Luke 3:1-6* (*click for online Bible)

Pastor Chee’s brief & notes:

Our Gospel reading introduces a character to us – John the Baptist. Many of us will be familiar with him. He is an odd person with some rather peculiar traits about him. He is attired in animal skin and eats locusts and wild honey. I do not imagine that to be a particularly healthy eating habit.  No matter as we have all sorts of people who do God’s bidding throughout history. So why pick on John the Baptist to be a feature of Advent.

Well, for one thing, he is unlike the other characters that are mentioned – Tiberias Ceasar, Pontus Pilate, Herod, Philip, Lysanias, Annas & Caiaphas. All these, if we remember are ruthless people with a firm grip on power and authority. They do not just use the power and authority granted them but abuse it totally.

So to find John the Baptist among this lot of people is somewhat jarring. He is a nobody that people gravitate to in the wilderness to hear his preaching. He does not draw attention to himself but points people to another coming after. I have yet to meet a person who does this – to be so unassuming. Nevertheless, he does not mince his words when calling out people who are opposed to God – “you brood of vipers”.

So what do we learn from the reading? Advent is a season of waiting. We all know that. For many of us, the season tells us to look upwards – he is returning and we assume that he will break forth out of the sky.

Perhaps, this is why we are still waiting after more than two thousand years. We are looking in the wrong direction. It is not upwards that we should turn to but to look around in the unexpected places.

In the wilderness, we find John the Baptist. Who would have thought that the preparer will be found in the desert? It is from stranger places around us that we will find those preparing the way and the Christ among us.

Look through the lens of Luke today and discover the presentness of God’s activity all around us this Advent. Too many people are lamenting the scourge – Covid-19. Perhaps, this is where we need to discern God’s presence. Find God among all the dispossessed, the refugees, the homeless, and you will discover and celebrate the season of Advent anew.

Join us this coming Sunday in person at BCC or on Zoom. Please note that we are having Holy Communion. Also, Khun Pete will be speaking on renewing our Covenant with God and his church. In addition, the next few Sundays, we are making a financial appeal for funds to assist in our Ministry to Displaced People.


Please scroll down below for notices about Sunday school in December, Covenants for 2022, and our weekly on-line prayer meeting on Thursday evenings.
We are also continuing our Tree Angel Appeal; this year it’s for Rahab Ministries who offer a new future and hope for former sex workers in the Patpong area.
As well as the tree angels, there will be stone-beaded necklaces for sale made by the women of Rahab who seek hope for a better new life.

ICB is a fully self-supported congregation.
We gladly receive your donations.
KBank a/c 003-1-09408-9
More information on the ICB Website

Thank you!
Making a Covenant
with God and His Church


Advancing the Work of Jesus!

Covenant Sunday is Dec. 5. Please return the form shown below either by placing in the offering bag or sending to the church office:

61/2 Soi Saen Sabai 3; Sukhumvit 36 Road; Bangkok; 10110
Or you can scan and email to

International Church of Bangkok is a fully self-supporting church. We are not sponsored by any foreign church body and thus receive no outside financial assistance. In fact, we take joy to be a congregation who supports ministries all over Thailand!

We need over 5 million baht each year to cover expenses and keep our
ministry and the ICB community sustainable.

Your contributions to ICB may be tax-deductible under Thai tax rules.
For more information or to donate in US tax-deductible dollars, please contact the church office:

Covenant Form
After prayerful consideration for the year 2022,
I/We enter into covenant with God and His Church to:

Pray for my Church_______times per week.
Attend Worship_______times per month.
Give back to God the following in God’s tithe (10%) & offerings
Baht_______per week/month/year (please circle one)
Other Currency_______per week/month/year (please circle)
Serve God in ministry. I’m interested in (please circle):

Christian Education
Worship Prayer
Personnel & Property
Other ……….


You can pick up this covenant form at our services during Advent or you can email the ICB office for this form on line:
ICB Sunday School Facebook Page!!

(copy this URL into your browser)

from our Minister

In-person services have resumed as Bangkok Christian College reopens…….We are delighted that Sunday morning in-person worship services have resumed earlier than expected. Please keep a lookout on email, ICB website, Facebook or Line (morning service group) for further announcements about in-person and Zoom arrangements as circumstances can change.
We will continue to live-stream services on Zoom….
even now when we can meet in-person again.
Please pray and bear with us as we put the technical system into place for relaying our services. We are not professionals and we could expect some occasional glitches!

Weekly Prayer Meeting –
Thursdays from 7:00 to 7:30pm 
(pls join before 7:05)
This is a wonderful opportunity to pause for a few moments, however busy we are, and join together to reflect and pray for our Church, Bangkok, the World and for ourselves. You will feel better for it – and so will God!
Outreach Tree Angels 2021 

This week, we continue our annual collection to support one of our Outreach Partners during the season of Advent and Christmas. This year, we focus on Rahab Ministries.

The Tree Angels are made by former bar workers who, thanks to Rahab with God’s grace, now earn their income producing and selling crochet products, soft toys and other similar items locally and overseas.

These popular Tree Angels are being handmade exclusively for ICBPlease purchase or order yours very soon as we may run out of our limited supplies!

Thank you for your support in donations. Every time you look at the angel on your Christmas tree you will know you have taken a small but important step in fulfilling the work of Jesus Christ!

Handmade necklaces made from semiprecious stones will be on show this Sunday, 5th and on 12th December at ICB. They are all made by ex-bar workers in Patpong Road who have been given new hope of a better life by Rahab Ministries through their discovery of the love and grace of Jesus Christ.
Your purchases will help Rahab to continue their work.
The International Church of Bangkok
partners with Christian ministries throughout Thailand to advance the work of Jesus.

5% of ICB’s yearly total income goes directly to the outreach partners. Members and friends are also encouraged to give directly.
Bank transfers are easy to do and very welcome
Please Donate NOW when it’s Most Needed!!
KasikornBank (KBank):  003-1-09408-9
Transfer your donation to the ICB Bank account above and please email your transfer confirmation with the message:
“For Outreach: month/year (or name of O/R partner)”

During December, outreach will also focus on ICB’s Ministry to Displaced Persons  
This ministry assists vital everyday needs for refugees and asylum seekers in Bangkok who come here from many nations.
Our Christmas Eve Service Collection will be added to these funds and we also seek further gifts to support this urgent ongoing work of our church.

Thank you or your prayerful consideration 

Find out more about our outreach partners

Missed a sermon?
Want to hear one again?

If you missed any of the recent sermons or would like to hear one or more again, recordings are available from Rev. Chee himself. Please let him know which Sunday(s) you are interested in and he will send you the link.
Send an email to:
Internati­onal Church of Bangkok (ICB)
Advancing the Work of Jesus!

ICB is an English language congregation, composed of native and non-native speakers.
We are committed to welcoming people of all backgrounds to Christian worship for a diverse, inclusive and unifying faith experience.
We seek to advance the work of Jesus Christ by promoting and supporting spiritual growth, community and service to others.

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