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International Church of Bangkok

Advancing the Work of Jesus!
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25th July 2021

10 am. via Zoom

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Stay at Home and Please Join us on ZOOM!

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Due to COVID19 health measures, our worship services until further notice will NOT be in-person

Wherever you are in the world, please join us online using the Zoom application or
  this link via your browser:…
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Meeting ID: 852 6940 1114
Passcode: 249320
Please also see “Online Notes” below

This Sunday’s Sermon
is delivered live on Zoom by our minister,
Revd. Chee Keong Yong
Revd. Chee’s sermon is entitled:
“Rooted & Grounded in Love”
Our Scripture Readings:
Epistle: Ephesians 3:14-21*

Gospel: John 6: 1-21* (*click to open the Bible pages)

Pastor Chee outlines his theme:x
Our readings for this Sunday are a continuation from last Sunday. The Gospel presents us with John’s account of the Feeding of the 5,000. This is a more detailed account than what we have from Mark.

Indeed, the Gospels write of many occasions that Jesus was at a meal with others. There’s so much of this that someone remarked that Jesus was a glutton and drunkard (Matthew 11:19).

What is it about meals that is so central to Jesus’ ministry and mission?

I look at our current pandemic situation throughout the world that despite lockdowns to curb infections, one thing is certain – people need food. So the supermarkets are open to allow access to food for the masses. Where this is being curtailed for various reasons, humans will resort to desperate measures to get food.

We see this in the Old Testament too. When the Israelites were led out of Egypt, God knew that the people would need food on the journey. So he provided manna from heaven. When the people complained, God provided quails as meat. You would think that humans would be grateful. Think again.

Jesus realized this and knew that the masses would not be content with food, no matter how much they are fed (John 6:25-end).

While we look at the feeding of the 5,000 as a miracle in itself – the real miracle is not in the multiplication of food, nor the many thousands being fed – the real miracle is in the hearts and lives of people being changed – that they do acknowledge Jesus as all that they need in life. This is, after all, the one and only reason for mission and ministry – Jesus.

This is Paul’s prayer that we all may be grounded and rooted in love – Christ indwells us all.


Online Notes
about ICB worship on Zoom:
Please come on time and allow a minute or two to connect.
You will be muted” upon entering the zoom room with the musical prelude on. Please stay muted during the service.
Pastor Chee suggests, “while you listen to the prelude, please pray for the service to run smoothly for God’s glory.  There’s plenty of time to chit chat in the break out rooms after the service.”
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ICB is a fully self-supported congregation.
We gladly receive your donations.
KBank a/c 003-1-09408-9
More information on the ICB Website

Thank you!
The Love of 2 Cities
  Hanoi and Bangkok

Do YOU love your (adopted) city? Why not join our study?

What if our church in Bangkok becomes known for its love?

ICB Council members have started an online book study on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.
So far, we have looked at the first chapter. We are encouraging all to join the study, too.
See ZOOM details below.
The book is  “Love (Your City)” by Jacob Bloemberg. It is the recent story of how God’s love has grown in Hanoi, Vietnam.

You can buy this book printed or on Kindle at  or from     If you have difficulties in obtaining
the book, email the minister and we will try to get you a copy soonest.

Zoom details are –
Meeting ID: 850 9388 8359
Passcode: 943786″

The International Church of Bangkok
partners with Christian ministries throughout Thailand to advance the work of Jesus.

5% of ICB’s yearly total income goes directly to the outreach partners. Members and friends are also encouraged to give directly.
ICB Outreach Partner for July 2021 is

Chaiyapruk Children’s Home

Offering a Christian home for abandoned children
in Nakorn Nayok Province, 70 Km north-east of Bangkok,
The Chaiyapruk Foundation has provided a home for over 100 children for more than 35 years.

“We give them roots; we give them wings”

Our Outreach Partner writes:
Drs. Cleopundh and Somsak Soorapanthu started the home in 1984 and the Foundation one year later. The home moved 5 times in its first 5 years but in 1990 a permanent home was made available by a generous family beside an irrigation canal in Nakorn Nayok.

Self-Sufficient Living
is and always has been one of our our main goals and living beside a canal is a blessing enabling us to try our many kinds of plantations, from palms to eucalyptus to lemongrass, on our large area of land.

A big challenge is the annual wet-season floods which often sweep away our organic soil.  Nevertheless, we have not let this discourage our goal. We are now more determined to find ways to build stronger flood barriers.

The children take care of our store of earthworm fertiliser the main nutrient to organic vegetables, which we raise off the ground to avoid the floods.

ICB: God’s Special Blessing

Many of our projects would not have been possible without the help of ICB outreach donations. In recent years, your donations have enabled us to improve toilet sanitation, repair residence walls and replace the dilapidated electric transformer and wiring throughout our compound.
We are so very grateful for how God brought ICB into our lives.

Bank transfers are easy to do and very welcome
Please Donate NOW when it’s Most Needed!!
KasikornBank (KBank):  003-1-09408-9
Transfer your donation to the ICB Bank account above and please email your transfer confirmation with the message:
“For Outreach: month / year  (or name of benefiting partner)”
Find out more about our outreach partners


While Sunday School is unable to meet in-person during this time, Parents and carers are reminded that our teachers are posting materials for children on Facebook (Click Here).
You are welcome to email Kru Fah at

ICB’s ‘Line’ chat group ( @ICB Morning Service ) contains last minute news and information. Please feel free to join this. We also post news on our Website and on the ICB FaceBook page.

Missed a sermon?
Want to hear one again?

If you missed any of the recent sermons or would like to hear one or more again, recordings are available from Rev. Chee himself. Please let him know which Sunday(s) you are interested in and he will send you the link.
Send an email to:
Internati­onal Church of Bangkok (ICB)
Advancing the Work of Jesus!

ICB is an English language congregation, composed of native and non-native speakers.
We are committed to welcoming people of all backgrounds to Christian worship for a diverse, inclusive and unifying faith experience.
We seek to advance the work of Jesus Christ by promoting and supporting spiritual growth, community and service to others.

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